What Is Impetigo(Infantigo)?

If you are a parent, then you have probably heard that there is a chance that your child will pick up a case of impetigo during their childhood. The problem is that most parents don’t know enough about this condition, let alone how to treat it. So, if you find that your child or even your infant has broken out in a rash, then you should definitely find out what is impetigo(Infantigo) here.

What Is Impetigo?

This is a rash that is caused by a common staph infection. It generally affects children and older people more than others because their skin is thinner and more tender. Once the infection has gotten under the skin, it creates small nodules that are filled with pus. They are itchy, they also cause a fever, and they can make your child miserable.

In the long term, if the impetigo goes untreated, it will definitely spread to other parts of the body and perhaps to other people in the household, not to mention the fact that it can also leave scars behind.

What Can You Do About It?

First here is an image of Infantigo:
When you first suspect that you or your child has impetigo, then you should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. They may tell you that you will need to “wait it out,” but that is rarely the best advice. If you do sit back and wait for it go away, it could be two to three weeks before you start to see any improvement, and that isn’t a lot of fun for anyone.

What About Antibiotics?

Once you find out what is impetigo, you may think that antibiotics would work. If the impetigo is caused by MRSA, then you will need a particularly powerful antibiotic, and that can cause other problems within the body. Therefore, you should look for alternative treatments that are safer, more holistic, and don’t cause their own set of side effects.

What Works?

One of the most popular ways to treat impetigo can be found in the book, “Fast Impetigo Cure.” This is a book that is only sold online – it is an e-book – and it gives a full step by step approach to curing impetigo. Almost all of the people who follow the steps included in this book find that they see a marked improvement in their impetigo within three days.

“This is really working. I just started your program today and already my itchiness has gone away.”
– Shelly (Testimony)

This book covers not only what is impetigo, but what it means to pregnant women, children, older people, and what the various symptoms are. It then goes through the various steps that you will need to do to eliminate the symptoms and start clearing up your skin as soon as possible.

“My children’s infections all cleared up and quickly and we’re very happy.”
– Lisa (Testimony)

What is Impetigo Cure?

The cure for this condition consists of various steps that include changing the way that you bathe, how you take care of your skin, the foods you should eat, and the foods you should not eat. By learning more about the condition, you will see that there are much quicker ways to get rid of it than by going to your doctor for medications.

Especially if you have a young child with this condition, finding a way to treat it that doesn’t include antibiotics is important. It is also necessary to find a cure that works quickly so that they don’t have to suffer and so that their beautiful, youthful skin won’t be damaged by impetigo scarring.


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