The Lower Face Lifting Program To Remove A Double Chin

If you’re here on this site, reading this page, then the chances are that you currently have a double chin or a saggy jaw line and you want to do something to get rid of your double chin, if so then the lower face lifting program can help! But…It’s also true you have to want to do something about it!

Good for you, because thankfully you are in exactly the right place.

In this review of the amazing Face Fitness Formula Lower Face Fitness eDVD, I’ll be looking at exactly what is included in this program and asking if it really can help you get rid of your double chin (and other saggy face skin and wrinkles) and make you look not only better but a few years younger as well. After all, we all want that don’t we?

So…is it really true that a secret that is over 100 years old can be a better face lift solution than either Botox or surgery. Well, in short the answer is a resounding “yes”. So, if you really are ready to get rid of that double chin and to give your face a natural lift and reduce the signs of aging, then you should seriously consider the Lower face Fitness Program.It’s also far easier than surgery or botox, far less painful and carries NO risk whatsoever (unlike the other two!).

Full Review

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are many ringing endorsements of success on the Face Fitness Formula page…

In case you might be wondering…I’m the second example – how cool is that transformation? Amazing difference isn’t it? You’ll notice there was a reduction in visible lines as well.

What Can You Expect From the Face Fitness Formula Lower Face Lifting Program?

Well, it is what they call an eDVD. That just means that the video is delivered to you online. You have an account set up and you simply login to see your instruction videos or you can download them to your computer. You get your login once you have purchased. It all very easy and simple to follow.

The program itself is in the form of 6 online videos each video dealing with two different aspects of “lifting the lower face” – each video covering two days of exercises. In fact they call it “a 12 week program to lift sagging neck skin, get rid of jowls and eliminate lines around the mouth”…and you thought it was just for a double chin.

Seriously though, don’t get confused here. This is just a posh way of saying get rid of the double chin. And, you only have to look at some of these examples to know this very definitely works for a double chin.

10 Hours Of Video – Great Value

There is just over 10 hours of video content mainly containing exercises that you can do to naturally lift your face. However, a word of warning here. You have to actually DO the exercises and do them on a regular basis to get results!

Its absolutely no good buying the Lower Face Fitness program and then just leaving it on your hard drive. You have to actually actively “get involved”. Yes I know you knew that, but I felt I should just be on the level here! Having said that, this is an extensive program where nothing is left to chance. The instructions are easy to follow and plenty of background information is given as to why you need to do the exercises, how you need to do them and I think this is important – why they work. I don’t know about you, but I really like to understand the “why” in something and this program delivers well in this area – I like that!

How Is The Program Structured?

As I said previously, it is split into 6 tutorial videos each covering two aspects of natural lower face lifting.

Tutorial Number one deals with the face relaxation techniques that are the basis for the rest of the program. These exercises take about 15 minutes each day.

Module two contains a series of exercises that help build the jaw and neck muscles, again the program takes about 15 minutes daily. These exercises are crucial to developing that chiseled jawline and making your skin more elastic.

Module three (so weeks 5 and 6) is more advanced exercises for the lower face and neck muscles. These particularly help smooth the skin, eliminate fluid retention and lead to that nice tight chin and chiseled jaw we all crave!

Video Four is aimed at fat reduction around the chin and jaw line. At the half way point, you should be seeing some noticeable results now!

Training five continues with more advanced exercises based on weeks 7 and 8. More intense they help fat reduction and an increase in blood flow to further develop the look you want.

Finally Module six. These are called the jaw and neck powerhouse exercises. Building on what you have previously learned these are the exercises that turbo charge the final loss of your double chin and the fine sculpting of your chin, jaw and neck line.

Great Exercises

Some of the exercises have great names like The Neck-Flab Buster, The Inner Throat Stretch (I particularly like this one) and The NeXerciser. Indeed there are 29 exercises in all. Each is designed to work specific muscles such as the Mentalis, Platysma, Sternomastoid, Frontalis, Corrigator Supercili and Trapezius. These are the various muscle groups around the neck, chin and jaw.

The exercise regime is constructed so that each muscle group gets the right amount of workout in the right order and the right timings for optimum results. It’s a very well constructed program that delivers.

Great Testimonials – It Works!

The bottom line is…if you follow the program (it’s just over an hour each session), you will get rid of the double chin. I have proved it and so have many other people who give glowing testimonials on the site.

But, as with any exercise or diet program, you only get out what you put in. I certainly and very highly recommend this program, it worked for me…and I needed it as you saw. But, it was just one part of an overall program that saw me taking general exercise and eating a reasonably healthy diet for most of the time.

Yes, I had got out of control, so it wasn’t just the double chin for me. It was a beer belly and man boobs as well. But, with a sensible diet and exercise program, the lower face fitness formula certainly helped me get rid of the double chin and it can do the same for you too!

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