Learn How To Perform A Prostate Massage

Read about how prostate milking can be a natural and easy solution to manage prostate pain and to maintain better prostate health.

Prostate massage, when performed on a regular basis, can be used as a preventative treatment against prostate cancer. It is good for prostate health in general, and can decrease the risk of prostate enlargement–that is, benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH). It is also a form of sexual play. Whatever your reason may be, let’s say you would like to do prostate massage on your husband or partner. Here is how to go about doing it.

Although it is possible to perform prostate milking externally by stimulating the prostate through the perineum this method is not always successful and it is
more usual for the milking to be performed internally using a finger, prostate massager or a medical massager.

Due to the embarrassing nature of the topic, prostate massage is often not talked about. Stimulating a prostate to orgasm can bring about a euphoric high and create cancer fighting endorphins. Many people in the medical community advise this massage to help prevent cancer as well as increase the life expectancy of a prostate cancer patient. Not all people agree this works, but it is definitely worth a try. It is possible to do alone, but getting a partner like a wife or girlfriend to do it is better.

This prostate massage can be done as often as the man feels comfortable with it. It is a huge help and doing this could save your man’s life. There is some evidence that this type of massage can increase his life expectancy by a long time. It is a difficult one to get any serious numbers on though, since it is something that is difficult to study. A doctor can also perform this massage, but an at home one is better. Make sure everything is clean and try to build comfort while doing this. This could be a good bonding experience for both partners as well too.

How To Cleanse and Detoxify Your Prostate

Most likely, your prostate is highly toxic and is in need of a good cleanse or detoxification. As millions of people every year purchase natural health supplements to cleanse their bodies organs, the below prostate detoxification may be beneficial for you.

Prostate Detox-How To Start

For 48 hours you will only eat and drink the following:

Drink 1, 8 oz glass of water (cold or hot) mixed with 4 tablespoons of real lemon juice every hour or two. Use organic lemons if possible, otherwise normal lemons from the grocery store will do. DO NOT add anything else to your water such as sugar! If you do this it will ruin the effectiveness of the detox. The purpose of the water and lemon is to increase the flow of urine which will help to flush out accumulated toxins from the prostate.

Avoid sitting as much as possible. Sitting reduces the flow of blood to the prostate, which as many medical professionals claim are one of the reasons why so many men are experiencing prostate problems at a younger age. The Sitz Bath is also highly beneficial for reducing the build up of toxins so add that into your 48 hour prostate detoxification as well.