How to insert a tampon?

First of all, you may not have heard of a tampon. However, as most of women, it is used by some of them. Now let us know it in the deep step. What are tampons? You may ask this question. A tampon is made of cotton or rayon or both of them that is commonly used in managing the menstrual blood of women, some of them are used in absorbing the fluids from the body due to injury, and they are also used in medical range as a device in some countries. Th use of tampons is simple and easy, just put it in your vaginal area to stop the menstrual fluid.

Is it hurt?

When coming to this question how to insert a tampon, you may worry about that is it hurt while using. The answer is no of course.

How to insert: Instructions

For the women of using it at the first menstruation, it can be easy if you follow the given instructions. Firstly you can see the instructions when you buy the packages of tampons, some of packages will come with the instructions so you can follow them to put a tampon in correctly.What you need to do is keep patient and relaxed. If you have found it hurts your vagina then you should try again. If it is correctly inserted you will not feel any uncomfortable, it won’t get lost inside your body like the vagina or stomach or others. In some case you may find some videos coming with your packages, it can be easier for your first inserting. Just follow it in the video and use it in right way.

Other tips:

After you understand the uses of tampons, you might have another question “do they expire”. In general, tampons can be staying for a quite long time after you got them. However, you should note that these tampons need to keep in the dry condition, don’t let them in the moist condition.

Resource: Health Guidances