False Positive Pregnancy Test

False positive pregnancy test results that indicate that someone is pregnant, in fact she is not pregnant. So how ‘smart’ is actually a home pregnancy test? Can the tool that gives the wrong result? How to get the most accurate test result?

Pregnancy tests (called test pack) works by detecting the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). The amount of this hormone in the body, increased soon after conception ovum by the sperm cells. This hormone is found in the urine usually start 3-5 days after fertilization, but usually not detected before 10-14 days, when the next menstruation does not occur and new mothers aware of the possibility she is pregnant and perform tests. HCG levels will be highest around the age of 2 months of pregnancy, then decreased again.

What are the causes?

Causes of false positive results such as using urine samples that are less good. Eg placed in the container is dirty or greasy. Or urine is cold or less concentrated. Nice clear glass container for a urine test. Lack of damping in the assay could also lead pack test can not detect it properly. anti-seizure medication carbamazepine, can also lead to false negative results.

Other things that can cause false positive pregnancy test such as childbirth or miscarriage that occurred recently, the increasing leutenizing hormone (LH), the use of certain drugs such as methadone, chlordiazepoxide, or promethazine. Can also happen in women who were taking drugs that contain hCG, such as Humegon, or a mother suffering from certain diseases. Some types of tumors and diseases are not common can also make a positive test result. But birth control pill, headache medication, antibiotics, does not affect pregnancy test results.

What if a false positive pregnancy test, but I still have periods too? It’s possible I’m pregnant?

Yes, maybe. If the mother did not wait at least 14 days after ovulation (in which a new period comes again), may be get negative results, no matter whether pregnant or not. Because the amount of hCG hormone may still be too small to be detected by the test pack. For best results, use test pack after the mother had no your period.

How accurate is a positive test result given test pack?

In most pregnancy tests that uses color indicators, whether it be line, change the plus sign, or dots of color, the color will appear if the mother is pregnant. Although if the color is not too strong. Generally, the more the hormone hCG in urine, a color indicator that arises is getting stronger. So if the mother did all the initial tests, the colors arising may not be too strong, although pregnant women. Do the test again 3-7 days later.

What if I am not sure of the results of that test?

If mothers are unsure of the results of the test, do the test again or contact your doctor. The doctor will perform blood tests are more sensitive to ascertain whether or not pregnant women. So you can avoid false positive test results.