Excessive Use of Biotin Supplements May Cause Severe Side Effects

When I recently opened what I thought to be my new bottle of Mason Hair vitamin supplement, I noticed I had pills instead of capsules. I checked the label and realized that I had picked up a bottle of Mason’s Biotin supplements by mistake. The two products had been side by side on the store shelf. I had looked at one and inadvertently picked up the other.

Although I could not return the opened container, my purchase was not in vain. Biotin happens to be one of the ingredients in the hair supplement, I had meant to buy. Of all the vitamin and mineral supplements I have tried over the years, biotin is the one that comes with the most warnings, regarding side effects from excessive use.

I assume, this is because women become over zealous when trying to grow their hair, and mistakenly believe that increasing intake of the supplements, will help their hair grow faster.This however is not the case,as some women have fund out the hard way.

Tests on lab rats who were give high dosages of biotin, showed that it caused miscarriage. There has not been an conclusive evidence to date, that this also happens in women. This did bring to mind however, a young lady I know, who had a miscarriage, a few years ago. She had talked about utilizing hair vitamins, around the time she found out she was expecting. Now I wonder if the two were connected

Biotin deficiency is rare, because most people obtain enough of the nutrient in their diet. Foods that are rich in this nutrient include: oatmeal, peanuts, bananas and organ meats. Biotin, which is also known as Vitamin B7, is water soluble, and is necessary for healthy hair, skin and nails. A lack of biotin would show up in brittle nails and lackluster hair.

Based on Internet blogs, biotin overdose seems to be common, among women trying to grow their hair. Those who take too much of this supplement may experience chest pain, nausea, and swelling in the face and throat area. The major side effect that is being reported however, is severe acne outbreaks which clear up once the supplement is no longer being taken.

Biotin supplements that are utilized, based on the instructions on the packaging seem to yield positive results, regarding hair growth, without side effects.This is why it is always important to take supplements as outlined in the recommended dosage on the packaging.