Centerpieces from Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Table centerpieces are not only appropriate for formal or informal dining, they are preferable for many reasons: they are edible, are low lying and do not obstruct the view of opposite diners. Add to that their attractiveness and you have a centerpiece that is affordable, in style, and preferable to expensive flowers or to nothing.

Arranging the fruits artistically and in a pleasing complementary way does take a little bit of practice, but let the fruits themselves guide you. To be low and out of the way of conversation that might take place across the table, plan on making the arrangement more horizontal than vertical. The one exception is the use of a pineapple that may, or may not be too tall to see over. It’s use though is recommended when one is available because of its unique ability to compensate for leaves in the arrangement. Nothing higher than this should ever be used, however.

Okay, so we have a diagonal tray that is nondescript and is only being used for its dimensions. This is of no consequence since nothing except its two or three inch sides will be seen, the rest will be covered with fruits. Or better still, an extra large round bowl that will hold a pineapple in the center and will various other fruits of varying colors will fill in all around. Allow the more colorful fruits to be seen and place the bananas and the grapes, both green and purple and the red cherries so they spill over the sides.

It’s all right to cheat a little and add whatever exotic artificial fruits in your collection, if you so desire, and if your arrangement is strictly for show and not for eating. If the centerpiece is to part of the dinner as an after dinner snack, then make sure all is edible. As to size of the arrangement, fit it to the size of the table. A larger arrangement will be permissible if only the plates and silverware and napkins will be the other accessories. The food being laid out on the buffet or on another long table.

Use your imagination and fill in if there are lacks in the arrangement. It could be the container is being showcased and will need only a few fruits to complement it. If the bowl is exceptionally attractive but is too small, arrange fruits around the sides of the bow on the table, as well as inside the bowl. Look, don’t fret, it is your table, your arrangement and your say. It the look pleases you, it is sure to please the guests. After all, they are there for the exceptional hospitality you offer, and second, your exceptional way with cooking.

One more thing. If the fruit centerpiece lacks that lively look, why not collect a few leaves from outside fruit trees to tuck in around the fruits making the apples appear to be still attached to the fruits. Again, it is your table, your decoration, your imagination, have fun and enjoy the moment, the creativity, and the guests. The fruit centerpiece will be seen as a last minute gesture of good will and will add a touch of gaiety.