How to Jump Higher

In this article-How to jump higher, I will be going over the basics that may help you jump higher.

Beginning with basic knowledge involving your muscles, it is very important to know how your muscles operate when it comes to recruiting more muscle. Say you’re training your hamstrings, and your goal for this particular muscle is to condition and/ or put on more muscle. Then the amount of weight you are lifting with your hamstrings is related directly to if you will put on muscle or not. This means that if you want to put on hamstring muscle, you should lift as much weight as you can while still completing sufficient repetitions.

This is a well known rule of putting on muscle, and can be explained by how many muscle fibers you use for lifting a certain amount of weight. If you are lifting a light amount of weight, then naturally you aren’t using many fibers. But if you are lifting a heavy amount of weight then you are naturally using all of your muscles fibers. Doing this is the only way that you can gain more fibers, thus growing your muscle.

This rule ties into how you can jump higher by weight training your legs correctly; something you can learn in vertical jump training.