Can you get pregnant with the clear watery semen?

All semen will become to a white color and looks like watery and milky after 30 minutes. The milky color with cloudiness in it are the actual sperm in the watery semen that you have seen. In some case the semen will get very clear, thus it can be possible that he may be a low sperm count. But this can’t be a judgement of his semen when you see them coming out.

When coming to this question can you get pregnant with clear watery semen, as we known it won’t get you pregnant if just one sperm. So if the sperm is little in the semen and the chance will be small. On the other hand, most of sperms are defective and they work off each other. Thus this will be much harder to one sperm to your egg. But it is not absolute.

Now if you want to get pregnant quickly, you should know the healthier the more likely to get pregnant. So keep a balance diet and exercise as possible, and get more chances to be pregnant quickly.