Benefits of Switching to Quorn Products

The Quorn range of products is getting bigger. Consumer demand for Quorn has dictated that the manufacturers produce more choice within their range. So what are the benefits to switching to Quorn products? These are many, since not only do they offer a viable and tasty alternative to meat for vegetarians, but they offer very good value and choice. The advantages don’t stop there. Looking at the benefits, these are broader than one may at first imagine.


*Saving of energy.


*Health aspects.

*Vegetarian aspects.

*Choice and variety.

*Quickness of meal preparation.


When compared with the price of regular meat, quorn makes meals much cheaper to prepare. A packet of quorn chicken pieces for example can make up to four regular meals, meaning that it certainly is a cost effective alternative. The one packet costs almost the same as one chicken breast and that certainly cannot be sneezed at. Similarly, the beef pieces offer the same value for money and the Sunday roast can easily be replaced with their chicken roast rolls.

Saving of energy.

Meat takes a lot longer to cook and consumes more energy. To cook a meal made with quorn is extremely quick without risk, although undercook meat, and you undermine health risks.


The taste of quorn is comparable with real meat. The chicken pieces taste like chicken. Similarly the range provided now includes mushroom pies, toad in the hole, beef and chicken pieces, though has been expanded to include spiced steaks and escalopes.

Health aspects.

Quorn is less calorific than meat, and will certainly cut down on the fat consumed. This means great news for meat lovers who don’t want to risk having too much fat.

Vegetarian aspects.

Compared with other products such as SosMix and BurgerMix, the taste is better. The range supplied by quorn means that vegetarian food no longer has to be boring and bland, and that the range of meals made is only limited by the imagination of the cook.

Choice and variety.

With the new range of Quorn products, this gives a consumer much choice. Unfortunately, Quorn is not available in every country, though it offers a great choice of types, meaning that instead of being stuck with boring alternatives, the chef can produce quality meals with a lot of taste, sufficient to keep the enthusiast fed with different types of food. The taste factor has also be dealt with by the addition of spices in many of the dishes supplied.

Quickness of meal preparation.

Unlike traditional meat, quorn takes minutes to defrost and can be cooked straight away. This means that the average meal can be produced in the time it takes to prepare the vegetables. Unlike traditional meat dishes, the time involved is considerably cut down, making ease of preparation one of the best aspects of the product.

If you haven’t tried quorn, it’s a worthy example of what can be done to make vegetarian meat substitutes tastier. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and make this a viable product for those thinking of their health, wealth and energy consumption.