Acne Conglobata Is Painful But Can Be Treated

Acne conglobata is a condition that is most often found in people aged between 18 and 30 years old, although the condition can persist until the person is in their 40s. The condition most often occurs when a person is already suffering from an acne problem, it has been known to affect people whose acne problem has diminished or disappeared. The exact cause of this condition has not yet been defined but there is a strong link to testosterone, which means men are far more likely to suffer from the condition.

Studies have shown that acne conglobata may be caused by using anabolic steroids and there is also evidence which suggests that the condition will appear once a man stops undergoing testosterone therapy. In addition to these factors, the condition may occur in people who have a tumor that is producing a high number of androgens.

The acne condition presents itself with blackheads on a number of places across the body. The face and neck are commonly affected by this condition but the blackheads can also appear on arms, chest and the buttocks. This form of acne can be more painful than the regular form of acne with the blackheads and pimples quite often being sensitive to the touch. As they are filled with liquid, acne conglobata sufferers usually experiencing rupturing of these blackheads, before the process begins again after the lesion has been fully drained.

The scabbing caused by the continual rupturing and then reforming can lead to scarring of the skin. This can impact on the appearance and confidence of the acne conglobata sufferer but there are treatments available. The most commonly used form of medication is isotretinoin, which is often used alongside prednisone. Cases which are more severe can often be treated with dapsone, a form of medication which is more commonly used to assist in the treatment of leprosy.

Laser therapy and surgery are also possible methods of treating the problems of an acne conglobata sufferer. Acne itself can be a damaging condition for any sufferer but there is no doubt that condition can have a huge impact on any sufferers well-being.

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