3 Bad Breath-Causing Culprits to Avoid The Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve got a date this Valentine’s Day or you just plan on going out with your girlfriends, we’ve snagged some tips from bad breathe expert Dr. Susanne Cohen to help you stay kiss-ready all night long.

While alcoholic beverages may lessen first date jitters or help set the mood for a romantic night, alcohol is a drying agent that can dehydrate the body and mouth. The result? It can cause or worsen bad breath on and leave you with a painful headache the next day. Try to limit yourself to one drink per hour and have a glass of water between each one.

Everyone knows about coffee breath but what they may not know is that coffee breath is not caused by drinking coffee alone. Coffee itself smells delicious! “Coffee Breath” as we know it is the result of coffee on top of already existing bad breath.

While chocolate does have some benefits – it gives you an immediate blood sugar boost and dark chocolate contains tryptophan which triggers the release of serotonin, a natural anti-depressant – you need to be careful not to overindulge. After about an hour, the germs that cause bad breath will begin to increase, putting you at risk for a less-than-fresh farewell kiss.

Let’s face it: You will have morning breath. Everyone wakes up with morning breath every day. The morning after swooning over your sweetheart is no exception. Try discreetly making your way to the restroom before you roll over for a good morning kiss. To wake up with fresh breath, rinse with a cup of SmartMouth mouthwash at night, clinically proven to give you fresh breath for 12 hours. Happy smooching!