Dry Cough Home remedies and Prevention

Coughing is a reflex action of respiratory system’s sensory nerves that flushes out foreign particles and irritants from entering respiratory organ of body. Dry cough is very common ailment affecting large number of people especially with the onset of chilly weather. Dry cough is extremely irritating which tends to get worsen up during night time. There are number of factors that causes dry cough. These are change in temperature, lack of humidity, side effects of certain medications, chronic smoking or inhalation of cigarette smoke. Other causes of dry cough are postnatal drips syndrome, common cold, sinus infection, asthma, pulmonary diseases and allergic rhinitis.  But fret not! There are number of home remedies that can help you to get rid of dry cough in easy manner and they are written below-have a look!

  • Gargling with salt water is an effective remedy for dry cough. For this, add pinch of salt to warm water and gargle with it several times in a day. It will resolve throat infection and provide god relief from dry cough. Even drinking lots of lukewarm water helps in relieving pain caused by dry cough. For better results, you can mix 1 tsp of honey with water.
  • Ginger root is another effective herb that helps in treating dry cough. You can chew piece of ginger root or drink tea prepared using ginger root herb for getting rid of dry cough. For better results, mix extracts of ginger root with honey.
  • Hot beverages like herbal teas also prove effective in reliving in throat infection. Catnip tea, lemongrass tea and chamomile tea for reducing dry cough symptoms. Boil these herbs in water and strain out the juices.  Drink 1 cup of tea every night before sleeping for getting relief from dry cough.
  • Dry cough can also be treated using apple cider vinegar. Just stir in 2-3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in glass of water and drink this solution to get relief dry cough and throat irritation.
  • Almonds are excellent home remedy for dry cough. Soak few almonds at night. Next morning, peel off the skins and relish almonds in form of nutty paste. You can also eat almond butter to get relief from dry cough.
  •  To treat dry cough in children, add honey to warm milk or grape juice. Give this solution to children twice a day to cure dry cough.

Home Remedies To Prevent Cough

With the approaching winters, cold and cough could get really annoying while you are trying to make the most productive of your working day. A dripping nose or a number of sneezes of dry cough would be the last factor you want while you are delivering an essential presentation at workplace or while you are concerned in an extremely essential meeting which could be a milestone for your career. Becoming ready with preventive actions for such issues could be a smarter way to maintain your well being in check while you head to the other essential duties.

Comprehending the root cause of cough and cold will permit a further evaluation of ways to remedy or prevent it. Chilly and cough are generally brought on due a established of rhino-viruses that infect the cells lining the nose and then begin to reproduce. A weak immune system provides such viruses, a opportunity to attack the body and create a mess. However, cough and cold are generally recognized to remedy by itself within a 7 days. It does not need a horde of contemporary medicines that do more harm to your body than good. But, spending a 7 days with cold and cough could also be quite annoying when that 1 7 days is essential for your expert growth. Therefore, it is much better to undertake preventive actions via a couple of house remedies that are secure and effective.

We Indians are blessed with a number of house remedies to remedy cough which consist of, having a cup of warm natural tea with squirted lemon and a spoon of honey. Honey coats the irritated throat and minimizes the cough. In addition to, chewing a small piece of new ginger is also very effective to battle cough. It will gradually reduce the impulse to cough.

However, the master of all house remedies for dry cough is Cod Liver Oil. Its medicinal properties have been used because generations for various ailments. Even today scientists maintain on discovering newer traits of this oil that can be used to deal with various sicknesses and diseases.

Cod liver oil includes wealthy quantities of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids EPA & DHA. Omega 3 is stated to assist in giving reduction from a consistent cold and cough by combating those rhino-viruses, while vitamin A not only assists in sustaining a wholesome overall growth but also contributes in strengthening the immune system. With a powerful immune system, cold and cough will be distant relatives and even if they visit you as soon as in a while, cod liver all does all that it requires to battle them off and bid them a farewell soon sufficient.

With the assist of contemporary advancements, this oil is now accessible as a complement that has been refined from its crude type, while retaining all its healing properties. Cod liver oil is made accessible in the type of liquid as nicely as soluble capsules. It is simple to consume and leaves your body in the fittest condition to battle all the viruses causing cold and cough. This oil is also recognized for its miraculous properties of healing numerous significant life threatening diseases. So in case of cold and cough, you can rely on this natural house remedy blindly, but obviously avoiding an overdose of it!

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Benefits of Switching to Quorn Products

The Quorn range of products is getting bigger. Consumer demand for Quorn has dictated that the manufacturers produce more choice within their range. So what are the benefits to switching to Quorn products? These are many, since not only do they offer a viable and tasty alternative to meat for vegetarians, but they offer very good value and choice. The advantages don’t stop there. Looking at the benefits, these are broader than one may at first imagine.


*Saving of energy.


*Health aspects.

*Vegetarian aspects.

*Choice and variety.

*Quickness of meal preparation.


When compared with the price of regular meat, quorn makes meals much cheaper to prepare. A packet of quorn chicken pieces for example can make up to four regular meals, meaning that it certainly is a cost effective alternative. The one packet costs almost the same as one chicken breast and that certainly cannot be sneezed at. Similarly, the beef pieces offer the same value for money and the Sunday roast can easily be replaced with their chicken roast rolls.

Saving of energy.

Meat takes a lot longer to cook and consumes more energy. To cook a meal made with quorn is extremely quick without risk, although undercook meat, and you undermine health risks.


The taste of quorn is comparable with real meat. The chicken pieces taste like chicken. Similarly the range provided now includes mushroom pies, toad in the hole, beef and chicken pieces, though has been expanded to include spiced steaks and escalopes.

Health aspects.

Quorn is less calorific than meat, and will certainly cut down on the fat consumed. This means great news for meat lovers who don’t want to risk having too much fat.

Vegetarian aspects.

Compared with other products such as SosMix and BurgerMix, the taste is better. The range supplied by quorn means that vegetarian food no longer has to be boring and bland, and that the range of meals made is only limited by the imagination of the cook.

Choice and variety.

With the new range of Quorn products, this gives a consumer much choice. Unfortunately, Quorn is not available in every country, though it offers a great choice of types, meaning that instead of being stuck with boring alternatives, the chef can produce quality meals with a lot of taste, sufficient to keep the enthusiast fed with different types of food. The taste factor has also be dealt with by the addition of spices in many of the dishes supplied.

Quickness of meal preparation.

Unlike traditional meat, quorn takes minutes to defrost and can be cooked straight away. This means that the average meal can be produced in the time it takes to prepare the vegetables. Unlike traditional meat dishes, the time involved is considerably cut down, making ease of preparation one of the best aspects of the product.

If you haven’t tried quorn, it’s a worthy example of what can be done to make vegetarian meat substitutes tastier. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and make this a viable product for those thinking of their health, wealth and energy consumption.

Tips for Effective Crate Training with Your Dog

The Essence of Crate Life
Crate training is meant to benefit both you and your dog and should be used for only comfort, rest and travel throughout your dog’s life. It should never, ever, be used as punishment; lest it be seen as a prison instead of a haven. Furnish your dog’s crate with the necessities of life: toys, treats, bedding and water, if necessary. When we leave Max and Henri during the day, they like to have a lot of toys in their crate, but one must resist the urge to stuff all toys in there, because the dogs will feel crowded and uncomfortable if they have to be in there for any length of time; same goes for snacks. The bedding should be a combination of things: a crate pad, which is essentially a water-resistant covering over a foam pad, our crate pad has a kind of fake fur on the top which they find very comfortable; and a favorite blanket or towel that the dog is used to. Another alternative is putting in a worn t-shirt to give them the comfort of your scent. We throw in of one of my son’s t-shirts and they love to cuddle with it.

Introducing Your Dog to the Crate
To introduce the dog to the crate, first make sure that the crate is located in a place of quiet, where loud noises will not distract the pup from learning more about his crate. Set it up without the door for the first few sessions at least. While playing with your dog in the same area as the crate, begin throwing treats for him to find and eat a little closer to the crate opening with each throw. Finally, toss one in and see if he will go in to find it. If he does, let him spend a little time in there, and wait until he’s ready to come out of it. Dogs, especially puppies, experience the world through the five senses. When they find something new, they will want to explore every inch of it.

At night, repeat this and when he goes inside, say “bedtime”. There are different schools of thought on when to close the crate for the night. We did it right away without a problem. Some believe that it should be closed after a time of “orientation” to what it means to be crated. We were very proactive with the puppies, however; getting them out of the crate during the wee hours of the morning to go outside.

Most crates come with a divider and, when the dogs were very small, we used it to divide the crate in half with both of them on the side of the crate closest to the door. This gave them a more cozy space within which to sleep. As they have gotten bigger, we stopped using the divider at night and even got a second crate, but they still enjoy the comfort of each other’s company.

Once your dog has become accustomed to having his own area in the house, he will quickly learn that the crate means quiet time and he should stay until you come for him. Now, at 6 months old, we are just beginning to embark (no pun intended) on the next step of leaving them for short periods of time with the area secured so they cannot leave the room itself; the crate door stays open so they can come in and out as they please and get used to having the run of a larger space.

Henry: 10-Month Check In

Ladies and Gents…we’ve hit double digits! Henry is 10-months old!

First off, we had a lovely visit from my mom for a few days this week.

I can’t tell you how nice it was to spend time with her, and the weather was absolutely perfect for it, too! Not only was it nice to catch up, but she also provided an extra set of hands for Henry’s photo shoot. It’s basically become a necessity at this point since I would need to possess superhuman powers in order to place him, scoot back, raise the camera, focus, and snap a picture before he’s already traveled halfway across the room. I can’t tell you how many absolutely adorable out of focus pictures I have of him.

If you haven’t gathered from most of my recent posts, this little guy is on the move! Between the help of his walker and his speed crawling, he can cover the length of a room in no time. He is super curious and will open every cabinet, door, bag, zipper…you name it, he’s gotta have his hands on it. He’s a little rebel, too, and loves to be defiant. He understands “no” and the tone coupled with it when saying his name; however, it only functions to slow him down. He’ll stop and sit, look back with a devilish smile, and then carry on in the direction of that particular moment’s dangerous objective. A favorite pastime of his is to charge towards the edge of the bed so you’re forced to pull him back by the legs…over and over and over again.

Besides being a little daredevil, Ryan and I both agree that he is totally weird. He’s got a quirky personality, the funniest facial expressions, and is so amusing to interact with.

Henry loves to laugh and make others laugh, as well, and is all around just the most jovial baby I know. So far, it’s very clear to me that he is his daddy’s “Mini-Me” to the core. I would say these three pictures define my little wild child better than words could:


  • Five are visible; although I can feel a few others starting to press their way through.


  • Still waking up at least once/night, typically more. With the time change, bedtime has also been pushed back to 9/9:30a and we’re usually up for the day, on average, around 7a.


Henry Likes…

  • Pushing anything around…mostly his walker; however, he will push chairs, his highchair, bowls, boxes, etc.
  • Making the elephant sound
  • Walks in the ErgoBaby
  • Being outside
  • Playing with/Eating dirt
  • Strawberries! I can’t cut them fast enough to keep up with him.
  • Giving High Fives
  • Rubbing his head against yours. (Ryan particularly finds this amusing because Henry does it the same way that his horse, Mint, will do to anyone standing near him.)
  • Whipping articles of clothing (socks being his favorite) around when his diaper’s being changed.
  • Eating anything plastic or rubber. I swear, nothing is indestructible for those five teeth. I’ve had to pull more tiny pieces of plastic out of Henry’s mouth this week than I would like to admit.
  • Repeating sounds. Especially while we’re on walks, we’ll go back and forth mimicking each other’s sounds. I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m a bit loopy if they’ve ever overheard our “conversations”.


Henry Dislikes…

  • When I’m not within arms reach. Oooh boy, this one is particularly difficult for me. While I love being loved and can’t complain about that, it does make having some alone time very challenging; and also hard for others to fully enjoy him. (Although he was loving his Mimi time this week!!)
  • His Stroller. Dislike might be too strong of a word, but over the winter he has definitely acquired an aversion to staying in his stroller for more than 15-20 minutes. We pretty much have the ErgoBaby on hand anytime we leave the house for situations like this.
  • Having his diaper changed. Henry will get really fussy whenever we have to change his diaper or change his clothes. He’s perfectly fine before and after…just not during. Giving him clothing to whip around as a distraction has been my one saving grace. It works maybe 75% of the time to where I can actually get a diaper on (relatively) straight.


Until next Month!

The orginal article is from burpeesandbedtimestories.com.

Excessive Use of Biotin Supplements May Cause Severe Side Effects

When I recently opened what I thought to be my new bottle of Mason Hair vitamin supplement, I noticed I had pills instead of capsules. I checked the label and realized that I had picked up a bottle of Mason’s Biotin supplements by mistake. The two products had been side by side on the store shelf. I had looked at one and inadvertently picked up the other.

Although I could not return the opened container, my purchase was not in vain. Biotin happens to be one of the ingredients in the hair supplement, I had meant to buy. Of all the vitamin and mineral supplements I have tried over the years, biotin is the one that comes with the most warnings, regarding side effects from excessive use.

I assume, this is because women become over zealous when trying to grow their hair, and mistakenly believe that increasing intake of the supplements, will help their hair grow faster.This however is not the case,as some women have fund out the hard way.

Tests on lab rats who were give high dosages of biotin, showed that it caused miscarriage. There has not been an conclusive evidence to date, that this also happens in women. This did bring to mind however, a young lady I know, who had a miscarriage, a few years ago. She had talked about utilizing hair vitamins, around the time she found out she was expecting. Now I wonder if the two were connected

Biotin deficiency is rare, because most people obtain enough of the nutrient in their diet. Foods that are rich in this nutrient include: oatmeal, peanuts, bananas and organ meats. Biotin, which is also known as Vitamin B7, is water soluble, and is necessary for healthy hair, skin and nails. A lack of biotin would show up in brittle nails and lackluster hair.

Based on Internet blogs, biotin overdose seems to be common, among women trying to grow their hair. Those who take too much of this supplement may experience chest pain, nausea, and swelling in the face and throat area. The major side effect that is being reported however, is severe acne outbreaks which clear up once the supplement is no longer being taken.

Biotin supplements that are utilized, based on the instructions on the packaging seem to yield positive results, regarding hair growth, without side effects.This is why it is always important to take supplements as outlined in the recommended dosage on the packaging.

I Feel Their Pain: It’s Like It’s Happening to Me, Maybe Worse

Yesterday Mack took all three kids for haircuts and then milkshakes as a treat for being good boys at the barber (and because Mack has a secret weakness for chocolate malted), then as we were walking past the park, Mack’s oldest son spotted his two best friends, J and A, playing ball hockey.

“Hey, wait up, guys, I want to play, too!” Mack’s oldest called out. “I’ll just run home and grab my stick!”

“Actually, we’ve gotta go in like two minutes, at three,” J responded.

“Where you guys going?” Mack’s oldest (he’s 11) called back.

“We’re going to the soccer game.”

Betrayal! They were going together, and hadn’t even invited him.

Mack felt his pain. Back at home, he was in tears.

I know how he feels. I feel his pain, maybe even worse than he does.

It’s a horrible feeling, being excluded, Mack knows. “Hey, Mack, you coming to that great bash at X’s Friday night?”

“X is having a party?”

I wish I knew how to alleviate this pain, but I suppose it is no less than The Pain of Human Existence. There will always be cool people who avoid you. And there will always be people who avoid you. It is, as one of Mack Daddy’s favorite authors, L. Rust Hills, might say, an LCT: Life’s Cruel Truths.

Mack made frantic efforts to try to distract his oldest from the pain of knowing his two best friends were doing this great thing he wasn’t invited to. I took him, and his two brothers, to the park to play Frisbee.

Unfortunately, where we were playing Frisbee, we could hear the cheers of the crowd watching the soccer game, at the stadium.

I thought Nick would freak out, hearing those cheers and thinking what a good time his friends were having.

But in the end it was a sort of affirming experience. Because we had fun, playing Frisbee (and soccer). And that made Mack Daddy happy. He wound up saying he had a “great time.”

And I realized: I can still entertain him. I haven’t lost him completely to his peers yet.

And it’s true, you know. However much you hate to think it, or believe it, friends can be fickle. Family’s, like, fuhgedaboudit.

Always there for you. And on a Saturday where friends disappointed, Mack Daddy was only too happy to step in and fill the void.

A Review as below:

I feel your pain. When my son was in grade 4 he was invited to his first mixed party where the girls, unknown to the boys, planned to refuse to dance with a couple of the little men, ‘for fun’ to see what would happen. Yep, not only did they carry out their little plan they told everyone about it later. He was in tears when he told us about it later that night. He never danced again outside of fooling around at home until his wedding.

I wonder about them, the four boys who, at school, held him down and kicked him so badly he had to stay in bed for a week, his teacher, Leanne Doherty, who asked my little guy what he’d done to make them assault him. He’s forgotten 99% of it but it comes back to haunt a parent from time to time.

My Suzanne Somers Diet Review

The Suzanne Somers Diet is named after a famous TV personality, Suzanne Somers. The diet was coined the name “Somersizing”, and was created by Suzanne Somers herself. Such diet was outlined on several of Somers’ books and the concept is basically about reducing carbohydrate intake and emphasized the importance of food combining. Suzanne has written a total of four books for the diet plan. The latest book is called the “Fast and Easy” diet, and it retails to $24.95 each. She has written a collection of recipe books, and each costs around $16.95 each. If you are looking for the best plan to help you lose weight, then you better try this diet. First let me give you a warm welcome. I started this article because like a lot of women, I felt powerless to maintain my weight and the look that I wanted to see in the mirror. For as long as I know, I’ve been on a constant mission to find a solution to my weight problem and only just recently was I able to reclaim my confidence through using the plan. After being thrilled by the results I obtained using the program, I decided to start up this site to educate others on what they can expect to see in terms of results out of using the plan. Also what they can do to get it at the cheapest price and secondly avoid the pointless adventure of switching from diet plan to diet plan, oh yes never again will I be in that position! So if you’ve reached this, the page of my site, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you need to know from the areas below:

My Personal Review

I took a whole bunch of time to write up what I believe to be a thorough review of the Suzanne Somers diet that covers all sides of how it works to guide you in losing and maintaining a comfortable weight, plus I talk about how to get it at the cheapest price and with a money back guarantee at the same time. Where To Buy (Discounts, Special Offers and More) You can try it by buying her book called “Sexy Forever”. You can find it on Amazon and other online book stores for a fairly low price. If You Were Ever Going to Try this weight loss program, Now Is the Time Right now there’s a major deal going on with the online version of this program. The online plan is the BEST thing that I have done for myself in years. And you can’t beat the huge promotion going on right now, I think the reason is because they are trying to boost their brand and stand out amongst the already overcrowded weight loss industry. Essentially for a limited time they’re giving you dirt cheap access to the Sexy Forever diet plan just to get their name out there. However I won’t be surprised if the price goes up, so I would recommend you seize this opportunity to try this program right now.

What Is Impetigo(Infantigo)?

If you are a parent, then you have probably heard that there is a chance that your child will pick up a case of impetigo during their childhood. The problem is that most parents don’t know enough about this condition, let alone how to treat it. So, if you find that your child or even your infant has broken out in a rash, then you should definitely find out what is impetigo(Infantigo) here.

What Is Impetigo?

This is a rash that is caused by a common staph infection. It generally affects children and older people more than others because their skin is thinner and more tender. Once the infection has gotten under the skin, it creates small nodules that are filled with pus. They are itchy, they also cause a fever, and they can make your child miserable.

In the long term, if the impetigo goes untreated, it will definitely spread to other parts of the body and perhaps to other people in the household, not to mention the fact that it can also leave scars behind.

What Can You Do About It?

First here is an image of Infantigo:
When you first suspect that you or your child has impetigo, then you should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. They may tell you that you will need to “wait it out,” but that is rarely the best advice. If you do sit back and wait for it go away, it could be two to three weeks before you start to see any improvement, and that isn’t a lot of fun for anyone.

What About Antibiotics?

Once you find out what is impetigo, you may think that antibiotics would work. If the impetigo is caused by MRSA, then you will need a particularly powerful antibiotic, and that can cause other problems within the body. Therefore, you should look for alternative treatments that are safer, more holistic, and don’t cause their own set of side effects.

What Works?

One of the most popular ways to treat impetigo can be found in the book, “Fast Impetigo Cure.” This is a book that is only sold online – it is an e-book – and it gives a full step by step approach to curing impetigo. Almost all of the people who follow the steps included in this book find that they see a marked improvement in their impetigo within three days.

“This is really working. I just started your program today and already my itchiness has gone away.”
– Shelly (Testimony)

This book covers not only what is impetigo, but what it means to pregnant women, children, older people, and what the various symptoms are. It then goes through the various steps that you will need to do to eliminate the symptoms and start clearing up your skin as soon as possible.

“My children’s infections all cleared up and quickly and we’re very happy.”
– Lisa (Testimony)

What is Impetigo Cure?

The cure for this condition consists of various steps that include changing the way that you bathe, how you take care of your skin, the foods you should eat, and the foods you should not eat. By learning more about the condition, you will see that there are much quicker ways to get rid of it than by going to your doctor for medications.

Especially if you have a young child with this condition, finding a way to treat it that doesn’t include antibiotics is important. It is also necessary to find a cure that works quickly so that they don’t have to suffer and so that their beautiful, youthful skin won’t be damaged by impetigo scarring.


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Acne Conglobata Is Painful But Can Be Treated

Acne conglobata is a condition that is most often found in people aged between 18 and 30 years old, although the condition can persist until the person is in their 40s. The condition most often occurs when a person is already suffering from an acne problem, it has been known to affect people whose acne problem has diminished or disappeared. The exact cause of this condition has not yet been defined but there is a strong link to testosterone, which means men are far more likely to suffer from the condition.

Studies have shown that acne conglobata may be caused by using anabolic steroids and there is also evidence which suggests that the condition will appear once a man stops undergoing testosterone therapy. In addition to these factors, the condition may occur in people who have a tumor that is producing a high number of androgens.

The acne condition presents itself with blackheads on a number of places across the body. The face and neck are commonly affected by this condition but the blackheads can also appear on arms, chest and the buttocks. This form of acne can be more painful than the regular form of acne with the blackheads and pimples quite often being sensitive to the touch. As they are filled with liquid, acne conglobata sufferers usually experiencing rupturing of these blackheads, before the process begins again after the lesion has been fully drained.

The scabbing caused by the continual rupturing and then reforming can lead to scarring of the skin. This can impact on the appearance and confidence of the acne conglobata sufferer but there are treatments available. The most commonly used form of medication is isotretinoin, which is often used alongside prednisone. Cases which are more severe can often be treated with dapsone, a form of medication which is more commonly used to assist in the treatment of leprosy.

Laser therapy and surgery are also possible methods of treating the problems of an acne conglobata sufferer. Acne itself can be a damaging condition for any sufferer but there is no doubt that condition can have a huge impact on any sufferers well-being.

Reference: Via Health-Guidances.com

How to insert a tampon?

First of all, you may not have heard of a tampon. However, as most of women, it is used by some of them. Now let us know it in the deep step. What are tampons? You may ask this question. A tampon is made of cotton or rayon or both of them that is commonly used in managing the menstrual blood of women, some of them are used in absorbing the fluids from the body due to injury, and they are also used in medical range as a device in some countries. Th use of tampons is simple and easy, just put it in your vaginal area to stop the menstrual fluid.

Is it hurt?

When coming to this question how to insert a tampon, you may worry about that is it hurt while using. The answer is no of course.

How to insert: Instructions

For the women of using it at the first menstruation, it can be easy if you follow the given instructions. Firstly you can see the instructions when you buy the packages of tampons, some of packages will come with the instructions so you can follow them to put a tampon in correctly.What you need to do is keep patient and relaxed. If you have found it hurts your vagina then you should try again. If it is correctly inserted you will not feel any uncomfortable, it won’t get lost inside your body like the vagina or stomach or others. In some case you may find some videos coming with your packages, it can be easier for your first inserting. Just follow it in the video and use it in right way.

Other tips:

After you understand the uses of tampons, you might have another question “do they expire”. In general, tampons can be staying for a quite long time after you got them. However, you should note that these tampons need to keep in the dry condition, don’t let them in the moist condition.

Resource: Health Guidances

The Lower Face Lifting Program To Remove A Double Chin

If you’re here on this site, reading this page, then the chances are that you currently have a double chin or a saggy jaw line and you want to do something to get rid of your double chin, if so then the lower face lifting program can help! But…It’s also true you have to want to do something about it!

Good for you, because thankfully you are in exactly the right place.

In this review of the amazing Face Fitness Formula Lower Face Fitness eDVD, I’ll be looking at exactly what is included in this program and asking if it really can help you get rid of your double chin (and other saggy face skin and wrinkles) and make you look not only better but a few years younger as well. After all, we all want that don’t we?

So…is it really true that a secret that is over 100 years old can be a better face lift solution than either Botox or surgery. Well, in short the answer is a resounding “yes”. So, if you really are ready to get rid of that double chin and to give your face a natural lift and reduce the signs of aging, then you should seriously consider the Lower face Fitness Program.It’s also far easier than surgery or botox, far less painful and carries NO risk whatsoever (unlike the other two!).

Full Review

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are many ringing endorsements of success on the Face Fitness Formula page…

In case you might be wondering…I’m the second example – how cool is that transformation? Amazing difference isn’t it? You’ll notice there was a reduction in visible lines as well.

What Can You Expect From the Face Fitness Formula Lower Face Lifting Program?

Well, it is what they call an eDVD. That just means that the video is delivered to you online. You have an account set up and you simply login to see your instruction videos or you can download them to your computer. You get your login once you have purchased. It all very easy and simple to follow.

The program itself is in the form of 6 online videos each video dealing with two different aspects of “lifting the lower face” – each video covering two days of exercises. In fact they call it “a 12 week program to lift sagging neck skin, get rid of jowls and eliminate lines around the mouth”…and you thought it was just for a double chin.

Seriously though, don’t get confused here. This is just a posh way of saying get rid of the double chin. And, you only have to look at some of these examples to know this very definitely works for a double chin.

10 Hours Of Video – Great Value

There is just over 10 hours of video content mainly containing exercises that you can do to naturally lift your face. However, a word of warning here. You have to actually DO the exercises and do them on a regular basis to get results!

Its absolutely no good buying the Lower Face Fitness program and then just leaving it on your hard drive. You have to actually actively “get involved”. Yes I know you knew that, but I felt I should just be on the level here! Having said that, this is an extensive program where nothing is left to chance. The instructions are easy to follow and plenty of background information is given as to why you need to do the exercises, how you need to do them and I think this is important – why they work. I don’t know about you, but I really like to understand the “why” in something and this program delivers well in this area – I like that!

How Is The Program Structured?

As I said previously, it is split into 6 tutorial videos each covering two aspects of natural lower face lifting.

Tutorial Number one deals with the face relaxation techniques that are the basis for the rest of the program. These exercises take about 15 minutes each day.

Module two contains a series of exercises that help build the jaw and neck muscles, again the program takes about 15 minutes daily. These exercises are crucial to developing that chiseled jawline and making your skin more elastic.

Module three (so weeks 5 and 6) is more advanced exercises for the lower face and neck muscles. These particularly help smooth the skin, eliminate fluid retention and lead to that nice tight chin and chiseled jaw we all crave!

Video Four is aimed at fat reduction around the chin and jaw line. At the half way point, you should be seeing some noticeable results now!

Training five continues with more advanced exercises based on weeks 7 and 8. More intense they help fat reduction and an increase in blood flow to further develop the look you want.

Finally Module six. These are called the jaw and neck powerhouse exercises. Building on what you have previously learned these are the exercises that turbo charge the final loss of your double chin and the fine sculpting of your chin, jaw and neck line.

Great Exercises

Some of the exercises have great names like The Neck-Flab Buster, The Inner Throat Stretch (I particularly like this one) and The NeXerciser. Indeed there are 29 exercises in all. Each is designed to work specific muscles such as the Mentalis, Platysma, Sternomastoid, Frontalis, Corrigator Supercili and Trapezius. These are the various muscle groups around the neck, chin and jaw.

The exercise regime is constructed so that each muscle group gets the right amount of workout in the right order and the right timings for optimum results. It’s a very well constructed program that delivers.

Great Testimonials – It Works!

The bottom line is…if you follow the program (it’s just over an hour each session), you will get rid of the double chin. I have proved it and so have many other people who give glowing testimonials on the site.

But, as with any exercise or diet program, you only get out what you put in. I certainly and very highly recommend this program, it worked for me…and I needed it as you saw. But, it was just one part of an overall program that saw me taking general exercise and eating a reasonably healthy diet for most of the time.

Yes, I had got out of control, so it wasn’t just the double chin for me. It was a beer belly and man boobs as well. But, with a sensible diet and exercise program, the lower face fitness formula certainly helped me get rid of the double chin and it can do the same for you too!

How to get rid of double chin fast – Health Guides Daily

False Positive Pregnancy Test

False positive pregnancy test results that indicate that someone is pregnant, in fact she is not pregnant. So how ‘smart’ is actually a home pregnancy test? Can the tool that gives the wrong result? How to get the most accurate test result?

Pregnancy tests (called test pack) works by detecting the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). The amount of this hormone in the body, increased soon after conception ovum by the sperm cells. This hormone is found in the urine usually start 3-5 days after fertilization, but usually not detected before 10-14 days, when the next menstruation does not occur and new mothers aware of the possibility she is pregnant and perform tests. HCG levels will be highest around the age of 2 months of pregnancy, then decreased again.

What are the causes?

Causes of false positive results such as using urine samples that are less good. Eg placed in the container is dirty or greasy. Or urine is cold or less concentrated. Nice clear glass container for a urine test. Lack of damping in the assay could also lead pack test can not detect it properly. anti-seizure medication carbamazepine, can also lead to false negative results.

Other things that can cause false positive pregnancy test such as childbirth or miscarriage that occurred recently, the increasing leutenizing hormone (LH), the use of certain drugs such as methadone, chlordiazepoxide, or promethazine. Can also happen in women who were taking drugs that contain hCG, such as Humegon, or a mother suffering from certain diseases. Some types of tumors and diseases are not common can also make a positive test result. But birth control pill, headache medication, antibiotics, does not affect pregnancy test results.

What if a false positive pregnancy test, but I still have periods too? It’s possible I’m pregnant?

Yes, maybe. If the mother did not wait at least 14 days after ovulation (in which a new period comes again), may be get negative results, no matter whether pregnant or not. Because the amount of hCG hormone may still be too small to be detected by the test pack. For best results, use test pack after the mother had no your period.

How accurate is a positive test result given test pack?

In most pregnancy tests that uses color indicators, whether it be line, change the plus sign, or dots of color, the color will appear if the mother is pregnant. Although if the color is not too strong. Generally, the more the hormone hCG in urine, a color indicator that arises is getting stronger. So if the mother did all the initial tests, the colors arising may not be too strong, although pregnant women. Do the test again 3-7 days later.

What if I am not sure of the results of that test?

If mothers are unsure of the results of the test, do the test again or contact your doctor. The doctor will perform blood tests are more sensitive to ascertain whether or not pregnant women. So you can avoid false positive test results.

The best stuffed bell peppers

In many American households, a recipe for stuffed bell peppers is a staple. With inexpensive ingredients that are readily available in most supermarkets, the recipe can be easily altered. A quick and easy dish to suit the taste of any family member.

The simple recipe can also be dressed up for those who enjoy experimentation. Any recipe can be considered a success only if it is successful in satisfying the needs of each person consuming the meal. In the case of stuffed bell peppers, there are many variables that contribute to the end result of the dish.


Although every cook should feel free to add any ingredient that could make the recipe more delicious, the basic recipe begins with rice, oil, a meat mixture and the chef’s choice of bell peppers. Any type of rice can be used, but it should be used as filler and should not overpower the taste of the meat mixture.

There are many types of meat that can be used, but it is crucial to the recipe that the meat be ground. While for many, ground beef is the easiest and most agreeable to all who will be eating, ground chuck can be used for people who enjoy a less fatty meat. For a twist on the dish, ground sausage or turkey can also be used.

Each kind of meat has its own respective temperature at which the meat is deemed safe to consume, so it is important to be informed about this before beginning. The meat can be cooked with or without oil, and the most basic additions to the meat mixture are diced onions and garlic.

After cooking the meat, onion and garlic through (until the meat is to temperature), tomatoes are added. Besides these simple ingredients, it is up to the cook which herbs, spices and condiments to use. Oregano, salt and black pepper are used in more classic recipes, while more daring formulas can add cayenne pepper, paprika or hot sauce.

Cooking methods

To begin the cooking process, all ingredients should be readily available and the oven should be preheated; the most common cooking temperature is 350 degrees. Because it tends to take the most amount of time, the rice is generally the first preparation of the dish.

It is important that the rice is allowed to cool enough to handle, depending on how it will be mixed with the meat. Many people believe that mixing these with the hands is the best practice.

The meat mixture should be thoroughly cooked before it is placed in the pepper to ensure that there is no risk of food borne illness. While some people prefer to add vegetables such as onions and garlic to the meat right away to allow softer texture, others wait and add these vegetables after the meat is browned and is simmering.

Depending on the type of meat chosen, there may be a small or substantial amount of grease that will need to be drained off before adding tomatoes or sauces. This will allow the most flavors from these ingredients to be retained.

Instead of placing peppers directly in the oven, soften them first. To do this, place the peppers in boiling water for two to three minutes, then remove them and allow them to cool. Another method for softening peppers is to steam them on a rack over boiling water for about ten minutes.

In both methods of softening the peppers, the tops, stems and seeds should be removed before beginning. After they’re cooled, drizzle oil on the inside of each pepper, then carefully fill each one with the meat mixture. If you prefer that the outside of the pepper is more browned, the oil can also be rubbed on the outside of each pepper. If the peppers do not stand up as desired, a small knife can be used to remove a portion of the bottom of the pepper.

After adding the meat mixture, many people top each pepper with tomato sauce, ketchup or different kinds of cheese. When complete, place the peppers on an oiled cookie sheet and bake in the oven for 40–50 minutes.

With such a simple recipe that is easily altered, it’s easy to see why stuffed peppers are such a popular dish, as well as one with which people continue to experiment. The secret to making the best stuffed bell peppers is to find the additions that best represent your taste.

3 Bad Breath-Causing Culprits to Avoid The Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve got a date this Valentine’s Day or you just plan on going out with your girlfriends, we’ve snagged some tips from bad breathe expert Dr. Susanne Cohen to help you stay kiss-ready all night long.

While alcoholic beverages may lessen first date jitters or help set the mood for a romantic night, alcohol is a drying agent that can dehydrate the body and mouth. The result? It can cause or worsen bad breath on and leave you with a painful headache the next day. Try to limit yourself to one drink per hour and have a glass of water between each one.

Everyone knows about coffee breath but what they may not know is that coffee breath is not caused by drinking coffee alone. Coffee itself smells delicious! “Coffee Breath” as we know it is the result of coffee on top of already existing bad breath.

While chocolate does have some benefits – it gives you an immediate blood sugar boost and dark chocolate contains tryptophan which triggers the release of serotonin, a natural anti-depressant – you need to be careful not to overindulge. After about an hour, the germs that cause bad breath will begin to increase, putting you at risk for a less-than-fresh farewell kiss.

Let’s face it: You will have morning breath. Everyone wakes up with morning breath every day. The morning after swooning over your sweetheart is no exception. Try discreetly making your way to the restroom before you roll over for a good morning kiss. To wake up with fresh breath, rinse with a cup of SmartMouth mouthwash at night, clinically proven to give you fresh breath for 12 hours. Happy smooching!

Drug Addiction Screams a Whisper

Know and believe in your very soul that there is never enough good feeling and peaceful escape that will ever even come close to the many prices and losses you will definitely encounter when being unable to escape the screaming whispers of drug addiction.

once upon a time, I smoked, snorted, inhaled, and ingested anything that guaranteed an altered state with which I could use to escape reality. It was not that my reality was bad, not to begin with, anyhow. The more drugs I used, however, the more guilt and loss of self worth was there to be dealt with as well, as to be used as an excuse to further my addiction.

Thus began an enormous cycle of abuse that also gave me an excuse to further use drugs, due to the turmoil between right and wrong happening inside me, and also due to the pity I felt for myself. I am certain I have tried every pharmaceutical or illegal drug that promises a side effect of any kind. Having been blessed to survive a most hellish period due to the choices I made, I was miraculously left alive to rant and warn of the dangers of experimenting with drugs for any reason and in any manner.

Low – Grade Experimentation

Normally, one does not stroll into a party or gathering where drugs are being used and decide “I want to try heroin” without having some experience with drug abuse in their past. Most addicts, before their addictions, began experimenting with low – grade drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, or mild painkillers like Lortab (hydrocodone) or Tylenol 3 (codeine). Aptly so, marijuana is known as a “gateway drug,” but there are actually more drugs which can be labeled with this title. In my opinion, alcohol can be considered a “gateway drug.” Painkillers and even some weight – loss medicines can be, also.

Though a drug’s addiction rate is proclaimed not as significant when compared to other drugs’ rates, the behavioral patterns of escaping reality through one form or another can be. Just as addictive are the patterns learned when becoming familiar with the method of using a particular drug, though many do not believe this until an addiction is acquired.

At this point, there are readers who are justifying perhaps recreationally using the drug they prefer by telling themselves “Okay, I just won’t get to that point. I will not use beyond that level.” Do you think anyone planned to allow the use to get to any further point beyond the level of enjoyment in which they experienced in the beginning? Would anyone ever want something to get out of control and leave him or her in many different types of personal, physical, or familial ruin?

What Does “The Drug Controls the Addict” Actually Mean?

In this light, it is plain to see, an addict does not control a drug or its chaotic results within their life. The drug controls the addict. The clearest definition that I could possibly give to anyone wondering how on earth their addict – in – question could “choose drugs over ____” (insert whatever you see him or her as throwing away in order to use drugs) would be as follows:

the desire to use the drug and to intertwine the drug’s false sense of peace with the user’s way of life in order to create an impossible Utopia of existence, and this happy Utopia life lasting twenty – four hours a day, all year long. One existence seems impossible without the other. In the midst of drug addiction, there really is no belief that any joy will be felt without the preferred substance. Therefore, no substance, no happy-all-day Utopia, no life of any sort.

The Drug Age of Accountability, Perhaps?

The moment you try a drug for any reason other than the very reason a pharmaceutical is prescribed (and note now that there is never any reason to try an illegal or illicit drug), your life, your limits, your past goals and beliefs, begin to change. A doorway that was not there before is now available to you whenever you want to open it and enter. Whether you are sad, anxious, worried, desperate, tired, or even happy, you will eventually find an excuse to use again. That doorway will be there, and with it comes a room full of excuses and ways to use again, complete with a filing system and a “just in case I ever decide to again” folder, tucked neatly away in your mind.

Any Old Reason Will Do

Stuck inside during a winter storm with no power and nothing to do? Bored silly? That doorway will loom in front of you. It’ll perk up those drab times of boredom and the normal monotony of life. On the other hand, did your beloved friend or parent or grandparent pass away? That doorway of escape from the natural grieving process (which hurts, yes, but is necessary) is there for the optional release of the “feeling better” goal beginning to take hold as your primary goal every hour of the day. Once you use a drug however many times it takes your body to build a tolerance to it and for your mind to decide, “Hey, this is the ticket!” nothing is ever the same again. Ever.


DrugFacts: Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction

How to Live With a Recovering Addict

Underage Drug / Alcohol Accountability Program – Hope Council

Control of drug addiction. – NCBI – National Institutes of Health

Telling if a tooth nerve is dying

There are usually one or more warning symptoms that a tooth nerve is dying. Knowing these symptoms can aid in getting dental treatment quicker. Speedier treatment for nerve death can mean the difference in saving or losing the tooth.

The root pulp of a tooth can become damaged through a cracked tooth, decay of a large filling, Bruxism, or trauma to the jaw. Gum disease can also play a role in nerve death. As gums recede they can leave a portion of a tooth exposed that has no protection from bacteria and decay. If the patient has a crown on a tooth which has not had root canal treatment, it is possible for receding gums to cause nerve death in the tooth.

Shown below are the symptoms of a dying tooth nerve.

  • Sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Pain while biting down
  • Pain while chewing
  • Facial swelling
  • Gum boils

Usually, the first symptom to appear is heat or cold sensitivity. This often occurs with a cracked tooth. This sensitivity may be intermittent or constant depending on the severity of the fracture. I discovered during my years of working in the field of dentistry that a lot of people do not realize how common it is for a tooth to fracture.

A tooth most often cracks at the base corner of a large filling. The crack can be hairline or the tooth can fracture enough so that the person loses a piece of the tooth, along with pieces of filling. It most often occurs while eating, due to the force of the bite during chewing.

If the person loses a chip of tooth and pieces of filling, the tooth usually immediately becomes sensitive to heat and cold. If the tooth only sustains a hairline fracture, it may be some time before the tooth develops sensitivity. A tooth fracture opens a small amount under the force of biting, allowing fluid filled with bacteria to enter the tooth. Tooth decay from bacteria reaching the pulp of the tooth occurs. When the decay reaches the nerve pulp the tooth usually becomes heat and cold sensitive. If the fracture occurs slowly over time, the tooth can become mildly sensitive to heat and cold and the person not realize the tooth is fractured.

Pain can occur from the pressure of biting down during normal daily activity or through the force of chewing. Pain usually occurs after the nerve pulp damage has reached the tip of the root and infected the jaw bone. Often, there is an abscess involved at this point. A pocket filled with pus may be attached to the tip of the root. Pain usually starts out as mild discomfort. If ignored until a pocket of pus forms, the pain can become very intense and the person feel a throbbing sensation emanating from the damaged tooth. This is due to increased blood flow in the inflamed area.

Facial swelling can occur with an abscessed tooth. A boil may appear on the gum at the base of the tooth. Swelling can occur with or without the presence of a boil. Swelling usually indicates the infection has progressed into the jaw bone.

Any time you experience heat or cold sensitivity or pain you should see a dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will examine the tooth and take x-rays to check the damage beneath the gum. At this point, there is a good chance the dentist can save the tooth through prescribing a course of antibiotics and a root canal treatment. The root canal treatment will need to be followed by placement of a crown on the tooth.

If these signs are ignored, by the time the tooth has abscessed enough that a pocket of pus has formed the tooth may not be able to be saved. Swelling can be very dangerous. The infection can spread to the blood stream. Since the jaw bone and teeth are located in the head in close proximity to the brain, infection into the blood stream can be deadly.

Follow good oral hygiene habits of brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and keep all routine dental visits. Be alert to the warning symptoms of tooth nerve death and seek treatment immediately should a symptom occur.